Be grateful to be happy, don’t wait to become happy to be grateful.

Unless a person is happy, simply happy for no reason at all, unless a person is mad enough to be happy without any reason, that person isn’t going to be happy forever. You’ll always find something destroying your happiness. You’ll always find something missing, something absent.

And that “MISSING” will become your daydream again. As you keep daydreaming about the things you don’t count, notice & be grateful for in the present moment. You’ll keep day dreaming about the present gaps as you want to fulfill them in the future.

I have a few examples from my life and a few from others to support this :

■ Once a pilot  of a new jet plane was winging over the catskills and pointed out a pleasant valley to his second command. “See that spot ?” he demanded. “When I was a barefoot kid, I used to sit in a flat – bottomed rowboat down there, fishing. Everytime a plane flew by, I would look up and dream I was piloting it. Now I look down and dream I am fishing”.

■ When I used to be in Srinagar, Kashmir during my school days I used to wait for my class 12th to get over and leave this place as I used to find it too slow, boring and I used to think that there are no opportunities and I hated strikes, curfews, bombings & firings. I loved strikes free Kashmir. I wanted to go to a peaceful palce, where there was freedom to move, no strikes and curfews.
But now I love each and every place in all situations. In fact I think and I am sure the challenge wasn’t with Kashmir but me “SAHIBA”. I was blind, ungrateful to see and express the beauty and gifts of the univerese and see the huge untapped opportunities. Now I crave to be here. I want to be here and here always.

■When people aren’t famous they want to be famous. They feel very hurt that people don’t know them. They pass through the streets and nobody recognizes them. They feel like a no entity. They work hard to become famous. One day they become famous.  Then they cannot move in the streets. The crowd stares at them. They start thinking about those beautiful days when they used to walk on them freely…Ask the famous bollywood actors…

■VOLTAIRE writes in his famous memoirs that when he was not famous – as everybody was one day, not famous he desired and he worked hard, and he became one of the most famous men in France. His fame increased so much that it became almost dangerous for him to go out of his room, because in those superstitious days people used to think that if you can get a piece of the clothes of a very great man, it becomes a protection; it has tremendous protective value.  So if he had to go out in public,  he would go under police escort, otherwise people would tear his clothes. And he became fed up of all this.

■ Anita Tejwani IJ Journalist @ IU e Magazine, Bangalore –  I am a basketball champion, and in 2009 we were playing the game on district level. I was the captain and I had motivated my team just before entering the court. We aimed for the gold medal and the trophy. We did win it, but the game wasnt fair. The judge was father of a player of our team. And i knew , he being a big person would do anything to make his daughter happy. There were instances when the team made foul shoots. But the judgement was always in our team’s favour. I did investigate later, and came to know the story which really disappointed me. And I gave away the trophy to our school campus instead taking it home. Judges daughter was happy getting the gold medal, and I being the captain was given the trophy, but I never accepted it. I would have been happy if he judgement was fair and we would have won. I would have alos been happy if judgement was fair and we lost the game because winning or losing doesnt matter to me, what matters is the game and its rules. Whoever follows, Wins.

So unless your doesn’t become gratitude you’re never going to be happy 24/7.



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