Gratitude generates happiness energy and hormones. It keeps you high on life.

Isn’t gratitude the best way of living? Not only as a prayer, a way to be happy, see and feel positive in every situation but also to naturally cultivate the art of detachment because as you start counting your blessings and taking everything happening or not happening as a good thing done by the universe you somehow don’t feel anything when you don’t get something or something that you have is taken away…. everything is great and a blessing for you as you believe in the universe.

If you’re not high on life you’re not existing and it’s better to die..Life is all about highness,laughter and appreciating your existence and doing justice to the universe. Behave like a living being.

The best way of living is gratitude…….it’s magical


Everything is run by the changing minds. We’re dealing with the human beings.

Never ever cling to a person. Just enjoy the moment and give love if the love is meant to be forever it will be or else enjoy the gift in the moment and be grateful. Clinging to a purpose is good and not at all harmful for the mind. It’s a superb blessing and a gift for the mind. Yes but never ever cling to the path chosen for the purpose of life just cling to the cause.
People change as we are dealing with the human minds, paths change as they are run by the changing minds but yes purpose remains the same though the calling is also found by a changing mind but still that’s the beauty of the true calling. Paths change but purpose never changes and it makes your life beautiful. People with a calling are the happiest people I have ever seen.
And yes our purpose journey also changes us so why be sad or have regrets when others change.


All are awesome in my eyes eunuchs, gays and lesbians. Great that’s what I also believe in..what’s wrong in being a gay or a’s all cool, good and your choice. everyone’s equal and they should also have freedom to do everything they love and never ever considered low. ALL HAVE THE POWER TO SHINE INFACT I THINK THEY HAVE MORE THAN US. THE DIFFERENCE IS NOT CREATED IN THEIR MIND BUT ITS CREATED IN OUR MIND (MIND OF THE SO CALLED NORMAL PEOPLE) . PLEASE STOP PASSING YOUR FEARS AND LIMITATIONS TO OTHERS…LET THEM LIVE AND RISE MORE THAN YOU.


Everything is within us, we are meant to burn.People, events and books just help in causing the fire. They act as petroleum.


How the company of some people, books and events change us for good. It’s unbelievable. I  believe you are the mind you surround yourself with and yes then after a point minds near us also stop affecting us as we form some core value base deeply injected in our mind. No doubt evrything is already there within us but some people, books and events are sent from the universe to trigger all that.
All thanks to some lovely people like Dato Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark and my mentors, etc. for helping in triggering the change through  their seminars, books and core value systems, spending one on one time with me..

Naturally training the mind to love everything in all the situations wasn’t there before you came to my life. Not training but I don’t know what to call it..its too natural now, it’s not about controlling or thinking to think good or better.  It’s just super natural. And it’s not about telling me to do something it’s just that those things were already inside I just needed to unleash them and find the way of living I loved. Thanks for helping me  finding the true way of living that suits my inner self and that’s gratitude which no one taught me before. Since childhood we have been taught to go to the temple and say a prayer ask for what we like or want but no one told me to feel, say and express thank you and get high on life so that I don’t feel anything happening.  Earlier I dint even know what religious to feel for as I don’t like divisions and different names but yes now it’s all sorted I don’t have any religion it’s just gratitude and laughing.
From a super fussy girl hating vegetables, and being fussy about food and disrespecting it, only loving non veg, thinking that its impossible  to leave non veg ever to becoming a person who loves everything each and every vegetable cooked in whatever style and becomign a vegetarian,  not even bothered about what is there most of the times, in fact loving the food during the flood the most as it was too simple and nice is difficult to imagine for me and my parents who were too upset with my fussy nature and I was super cool with it because I never realised and understood at that point that being fussy creates unhappiness and it’s harmful for my life.
And I used to hate being in Kashmir may be  because  as a child I saw curfews, hartals and slow life and I always wanted to go away from Kashmir I wanted a fast life but now I love it the even a flooded kashmir or a curfewed Kashmir will be awesome for me. The worng was not with Kashmir but with me, I dint know how to live and appreciate life.

#What is enlightenment ? # Being HIGH on life and attracting everything you think#

Being positive in a negative situation is a sign of wisdom and  character ( it’s true enlightenment). Enlightenment is when there’s sun and you don’t cribb and want it to go away, its when there’s cold and you don’t cribb and want the sun. It’s when you just don’t think about it that way, you’re cool with all the climates. You don’t focus on what’s not there. You focus and enjoy what’s there.
It’s when there’s traffic and you don’t feel it.
It’s when you love all foods made in whatever way.
It’s when you’re not fussy about anything.
It’s when you smile and laugh at every situation.
It’s when you’re high on life.
It’s when you feel others minds rather than seeing their faces and bodies.
It’s when you love each and every thing and being.
It’s when you enjoy and are equally comfortable in having a  simple kiosk tea, it’s when you have no ego, no word called “uncomfortable” in your dictionary.
When you feel you’re happy every time, you don’t cribb, your mind doesn’t know the word uncomfortable or inconvenience you are enlightened.  When you feel you’re unbelievably happy and always look at the small lighted single dot on a dark sheet you’re enlightened.
Then life is a joy, a bliss, a magic…
Pass on this contagious joy and bliss and help the world in being truly happy. Then we will have less of shopping freaks and more of nature lovers, less of tv lovers and more of conversationalists, etc.
Then we will have people getting normal cakes made for birthdays rather than the new trash style I have been watching. The trash, external happiness cakes having pictures of bags, cars, phones on them. I wonder how one feels like cutting them with joy… don’t they look synthetic ? and something very cold not warm and loving  ?



Hi guys. I am sharing a small incident where I think I unintentionally made someone feel bad.
And it happens with us most of the times that WE SOUND BAD TO PEOPLE BUT WE DONT MEAN  BAD TO PEOPLE.  WE ARE ONLY SOUNDING BAD.
The worse part is that they are going to keep happening all our lives as while doing them our mind is pure. Mind feels it’s right and good.
Unintentional things are going to carry on until death. Because while saying, doing them we don’t mean anything bad. Unfortunately in unintentional cases our mind doesn’t think..It just says and does.
But everything has a positive side “It’s going to happen and keep us rooted. Mistakes always keep our foot on ground while karma keeps our head high”. And it’s always good to reflect on your mistakes each day and feel humble, try and improve.
So here’s the incidence :
Earlier this week I was in GK, M block, Delhi for coffee  with one of my college friends and we just came across one of her friends who’s our age, very young and got married last year and was holding a kid too. So I said, “Hi and I was like haan (yes) you got married  last year and have a kid too. And college over hogaya tha ( did your college get over before marriage) and then within a second I realised that I unintentionally said something wrong and I  added on this line “acha shadi ke baad kar liya hoga continue and complete” ( After your marriage you must have continued and completed it). She didn’t say anything but I just thought over it and felt I was wrong.
So  after she left I thought that she must have felt bad but I was just shocked and asked it. I didn’t mean anything bad.

Keep doing work don’t think about the followers, likes and results – A message from Kangra Devi Temple, India

One of my friends Tanmay Kumar, the founder of BumbleeBee went for a trip earlier this week and today morning he messaged me saying –
“We went to Kangra Devi temple yesterday.The temple read a line…काम पहले, पूजा बाद मे ( kaam pehle, pooja baad mein). God helps those who help themselves.”