Everything is within us, we are meant to burn.People, events and books just help in causing the fire. They act as petroleum.


How the company of some people, books and events change us for good. It’s unbelievable. I  believe you are the mind you surround yourself with and yes then after a point minds near us also stop affecting us as we form some core value base deeply injected in our mind. No doubt evrything is already there within us but some people, books and events are sent from the universe to trigger all that.
All thanks to some lovely people like Dato Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark and my mentors, etc. for helping in triggering the change through  their seminars, books and core value systems, spending one on one time with me..

Naturally training the mind to love everything in all the situations wasn’t there before you came to my life. Not training but I don’t know what to call it..its too natural now, it’s not about controlling or thinking to think good or better.  It’s just super natural. And it’s not about telling me to do something it’s just that those things were already inside I just needed to unleash them and find the way of living I loved. Thanks for helping me  finding the true way of living that suits my inner self and that’s gratitude which no one taught me before. Since childhood we have been taught to go to the temple and say a prayer ask for what we like or want but no one told me to feel, say and express thank you and get high on life so that I don’t feel anything happening.  Earlier I dint even know what religious to feel for as I don’t like divisions and different names but yes now it’s all sorted I don’t have any religion it’s just gratitude and laughing.
From a super fussy girl hating vegetables, and being fussy about food and disrespecting it, only loving non veg, thinking that its impossible  to leave non veg ever to becoming a person who loves everything each and every vegetable cooked in whatever style and becomign a vegetarian,  not even bothered about what is there most of the times, in fact loving the food during the flood the most as it was too simple and nice is difficult to imagine for me and my parents who were too upset with my fussy nature and I was super cool with it because I never realised and understood at that point that being fussy creates unhappiness and it’s harmful for my life.
And I used to hate being in Kashmir may be  because  as a child I saw curfews, hartals and slow life and I always wanted to go away from Kashmir I wanted a fast life but now I love it the most..now even a flooded kashmir or a curfewed Kashmir will be awesome for me. The worng was not with Kashmir but with me, I dint know how to live and appreciate life.


Broad mindedness means being PRO LOVE towards the whole universe

I believe “Broad minded” means doing what you believe in but listening and respecting everyone’s views without any ego about looking right in their eyes. It means being a human chauvinist and not a male or female chauvinist, being universe chauvinist rather than being a specific country or religion chauvinist, being open towards trying everything, uplifting everyone and never ever getting in the cobweb of tit for tat attitude, understanding that when someone’s different it’s because of what they have been thinking, seeing and doing and simply being unaware about what you know and then at the same time understanding you’re also ridiculous for them as you are unaware about their part…

Broad minded simply means being PRO LOVE.