Serendipity with Amit Ranjan


By Sahiba Sethi and Kumar Tanmay

If you have ever seen Amit Ranjan’s picture, you can’t ignore when you come across him. That’s his charm. It’s inexplicable. You got to experience it first hand. Here is a teaser about our experience.

We are shameless in meeting people. However, we were surprised that Cofounder of Slideshare and Director of LinkedIn sits in the same café as we for shaping the future of amazing startups he invests in. We were under a notion that multi-million deals happen in star hotels. (Thank God, saved few thousands before we raise our first round! The next time we don’t have to account for the coffee expenses in our investment pitch! I am serious.)

We had made our mind, the next time we see him we are going to steal a moment out of his schedule. While he was regular to SDA, we always saw him occupied in his meetings with a gentle smile on his face. But not long until one fine evening when we were just coming out from Chaayos cafe we saw him placing his request at Costa. We right away went ahead and said, “Hi Amit, we are really fond of you and it would be pleasure to talk to you and learn” and then he was really kind to give us his precious time to share our experiments.

We never felt meeting a man whom the Government of India has roped in to develop the next generation products for the nation. He was candid enough to inform us that he was early for a meeting so we could chat. It was totally unexpected and out of the world feeling for us that we have actually managed to steal a moment in our very first meeting. He could have easily asked us to meet next time citing his meeting then. For his credentials, anyone would believe him without any doubt. However, great people are more approachable than those who have tasted success without much struggle (we have experienced it in our own circle!).

We spent memorable 25 minutes, and we got a direction with a very important input that changed the entire direction of our start up. We have come across quotes and blogs that success comes to those who listen more and then respond (and not talk!). Amit Ranjan is one of the few who is a living example of being an excellent listener. And last but not the least, he offered us his coffee and snacks too! He never took a bite till we left and if we recall it right; he did not touch his coffee either. Even though he was listening to us all the while, his eating would not have diluted the essence of an unscheduled-meeting. We learned an important lesson of mutual respect for humans no matter who one is.

We have tried our best not to judge the man behind making our lives easier with Slideshare and LinkedIn. It’s our bit that we are doing to pay our gratitude for his invaluable contribution to our lives without knowing who we are. We are mere human beings!


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