What is freedom ? Is it being independent ? NO. It’s being dependent yet being free.

What is freedom according to  majority of the people ? It’s being independent.
Do you think that defines total freedom or freedom ?
Freedom is being free in all the spheres of life – spiritual,  mental, physical, psychological, societal, educational, etc. It’s being YOU. It’s being available to may be colour others at their will but not being open to get coloured by others.
Aiming to be independent is a very small and narrow vision. The universe has created a natural cycle of dependence for each and every being and thing. You can’t eat yourself, you cant marry yourself, can’t become your own parent, you can’t produce kids alone and even the great leaders and organization’s might have a strong vision but it’s not realised alone being independent.  A great organization is dependent on the team, on delegating the vision to everyone. Independently you’re zero  or less. You’re great when your thinking is free and you work and depend on everyone. Being dependent teaches you others importance and makes you feel gratitude towards them. I have heard females saying I want to be independent. No dont be independent just be free from your husband or boyfriend or whatever relation. It goes for all the relationships on this planet. Be dependent on him/her, work together and love each other but yet be free. – Sahiba Sethi


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