Life is a mind game – Fahad Shah founder of The Kashmir Wala and editor of “Of Occupation and Resistance: Writings from Kashmir (Tranquebar, 2013)”.

I am always in talks with my mind. It’s all in the mind, it’s all mind game. You know what is my best, favorite game to play “Chess”. I play chess. You know if you have the will to do it you can do it. If you’re  standing against a wall with a bulldozer but if you don’t have the will to do it, you can’t do it. If you stand there with a nail and you have the will to crack the wall, you can do it. It might take time may be a week,  a month but you’ll cross the wall. So may be when we don’t have investors, we just have the nail, we don’t have the bulldozer which is the grand investment.  But we just have the will to do it so with that will we might break the wall and cross to the other side. And when you cross the wall everybody will be like Oh WOW this guy did it. Now we should talk to him and now we should offer him a bulldozer because he cracked the wall with a nail. What if we give him a bulldozer. What is he going to do ? He will crack shit. So its all about mind. First thing is the will to do and then hard work.  That’s it.


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