Leadership by Sahil Dharia (Founder and MD at Soothe Healthcare) ex Global Head of Operations at Thomson Reuters

Sahil Dharia says, Leader provides a vision and the ability to galvanize those people and provide them with a path to walk on that’s leadership.

The necessary component of my definition is to have a vision, vision that unites several people.

Difference between a leader and a manager is –  A manager is giving a specific task tumko ye karna hai. Wo karney mein wo management hogaya.

How to do it ? Kaise mein karna hai ? Kitne mein karna hai ? Performance criteria, success criteria kya hai  ? That is management, that’s not leadership.

Leadership is to tell him you have to do that. That isn’t dictating, that is creating a requirement or following  a vision. I want to go there. Who creates that  vision ? That’s leadership. And I think anybody can do that irrespective of position and age as long as you have the ability to look at things as they could be rather than the way they are. Sometimes even a founder can be a lousy leader. A leader can be at any level. According to me leadership is simply the ability to see things the way they could be.

Of course it also has to follow through with the ability to get things done. Baari basri batey karo and na karo. Its the next component of leadership. But yes many people can do the second part i.e getting the things done. The first part is critical. You should be able to see something.

Have you seen that movie “Wake Up Sid”, when Kokona Sen finds that house which is a dump and it’s visible from an apartment, horrible apartment ganda hai that character Ranbir Kapoor says kitna gandha hai cheeh. But she says, “usko dekho na clean kar ke kitna acha hoga” So she’s able to see things, not the way it is now but the way it could be if she puts a little effort to clean it. And it looks so brilliant after that whole cleaning session. That’s leadership. She did which no one else did, others thought its a gandha apartment.


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