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1.Tell me about your childhood, previous avatars. Were you dreamer since the beginning ?

I had a very normal childhood sharing my space with my two siblings. I don’t know if I can say I was a dreamer from the very beginning but yes I always liked English literature as a subject and loved reading good stories.

  1.  What’s the purpose to start with this ?

To be very honest there wasn’t any specific purpose to start with writing, it was just that I was into reading a lot and with the kind of time we have while sailing on board I started to pen down my thoughts in black and white. That is where I discovered I had a flare for this skill as I could easily put my thoughts on paper and that’s how it began.

3.What are the challenges that you’ve faced ? Any rejections, failures ?

Tell me about it!  Yes, I did face severe criticism from few friends and rejections from lots of publishers initially. I did not get a publisher for a year and a half after completing my book, but giving up on my dreams is just not me so I kept on pursuing until I got lucky.

  1. Share your journeys most highest and the lowest point

Highest point was when my first book became a national bestseller and lowest point when I faced my first rejection from my dream publisher.

  1. Any rituals that you follow ?

I believe in God and offer prayers everyday without fail.

  1.  What do you do for your self development ?

I think a lot! I make lots of resolutions and try to follow them as much as I can. Besides that I refrain from getting my mind diverted to petty issues and focus on the bigger picture of my life and try to motivate myself and others to value their precious time and make hay while the sun shines.

7.How did you build your team & how do you keep it motivated ?

I am still in the process of building my team

  1. Are you bothered about your ups & downs ?

Being Human it is natural to be emotionally vulnerable but I try to maintain my calm in both highs and lows of my life as it is part and parcel of life.

  1. Any previous entrepreneurial journey ? Why did you quit or exit ?

No, Writing is my first and last love, I haven’t ventured into any other entrepreneurship and I don’t consider writing as my occupation, it’s my passion.

10. What kind of books do you read ?

I read all genres of books but specifically my interests are in romance and thrillers.

11. What is the worst thing that people have told you ?

I try not registering such negative thoughts or comments in my mind and are best to be avoided and not being affected by it.

12 How do you take criticism ?

I take criticism very sportingly, in fact I encourage my fans to come up and give honest feedbacks which are for my betterment only. My wife is my biggest critic

13. What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for this venture ?

I really don’t thing writing has made me sacrifice anything in life, in fact it has helped me to evolve as a person and made me an obsessive thinker. My wife might say that I have less time for family though

14 How do you survive in this competitive world ?

By taking competition in a very healthy manner, and focusing on my growth rather than brooding on other’s success

15  What is the biggest learning you have got from your family and you’re using it in the business ?

No matter what, your loved ones are always there to support you through thick and thin so I’ve learned come what may never take anyone for granted just like your family.

16. Please share your love story if any and only if you’re comfortable

We have a very interesting love story as my wife is a muslim and we had to got through a lot in order to get married. We met through a common friend and she clicked at that very moment but after that was a roller coaster ride of maintaining a long distance relationship and convincing our parents and fighting the society. But eventually every thing had fallen in place and we are happily married for 4 years now.

17 If you were given one wish to change the world, what would it be?

I would like to bring equality all over the world so that no man dies of hunger and there is no jealously or animosity due to financial disparities.

18. Your thoughts about being interviewed ?

It feels great to be considered to be interviewed. Its fun!

19. Where do you want to see your organisation 5 years down the line ?

I see myself as a successful writer and a script writer who is not just writing books but bringing good stories on the table.

20 What’s your message for the world?

Be Yourself and follow your passion, it’s the best feeling in the world to be able to discover and follow your dream!


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