Everything is run by the changing minds. We’re dealing with the human beings.

Never ever cling to a person. Just enjoy the moment and give love if the love is meant to be forever it will be or else enjoy the gift in the moment and be grateful. Clinging to a purpose is good and not at all harmful for the mind. It’s a superb blessing and a gift for the mind. Yes but never ever cling to the path chosen for the purpose of life just cling to the cause.
People change as we are dealing with the human minds, paths change as they are run by the changing minds but yes purpose remains the same though the calling is also found by a changing mind but still that’s the beauty of the true calling. Paths change but purpose never changes and it makes your life beautiful. People with a calling are the happiest people I have ever seen.
And yes our purpose journey also changes us so why be sad or have regrets when others change.

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