#What is enlightenment ? # Being HIGH on life and attracting everything you think#

Being positive in a negative situation is a sign of wisdom and  character ( it’s true enlightenment). Enlightenment is when there’s sun and you don’t cribb and want it to go away, its when there’s cold and you don’t cribb and want the sun. It’s when you just don’t think about it that way, you’re cool with all the climates. You don’t focus on what’s not there. You focus and enjoy what’s there.
It’s when there’s traffic and you don’t feel it.
It’s when you love all foods made in whatever way.
It’s when you’re not fussy about anything.
It’s when you smile and laugh at every situation.
It’s when you’re high on life.
It’s when you feel others minds rather than seeing their faces and bodies.
It’s when you love each and every thing and being.
It’s when you enjoy and are equally comfortable in having a  simple kiosk tea, it’s when you have no ego, no word called “uncomfortable” in your dictionary.
When you feel you’re happy every time, you don’t cribb, your mind doesn’t know the word uncomfortable or inconvenience you are enlightened.  When you feel you’re unbelievably happy and always look at the small lighted single dot on a dark sheet you’re enlightened.
Then life is a joy, a bliss, a magic…
Pass on this contagious joy and bliss and help the world in being truly happy. Then we will have less of shopping freaks and more of nature lovers, less of tv lovers and more of conversationalists, etc.
Then we will have people getting normal cakes made for birthdays rather than the new trash style I have been watching. The trash, external happiness cakes having pictures of bags, cars, phones on them. I wonder how one feels like cutting them with joy… don’t they look synthetic ? and something very cold not warm and loving  ?


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