Hi guys. I am sharing a small incident where I think I unintentionally made someone feel bad.
And it happens with us most of the times that WE SOUND BAD TO PEOPLE BUT WE DONT MEAN  BAD TO PEOPLE.  WE ARE ONLY SOUNDING BAD.
The worse part is that they are going to keep happening all our lives as while doing them our mind is pure. Mind feels it’s right and good.
Unintentional things are going to carry on until death. Because while saying, doing them we don’t mean anything bad. Unfortunately in unintentional cases our mind doesn’t think..It just says and does.
But everything has a positive side “It’s going to happen and keep us rooted. Mistakes always keep our foot on ground while karma keeps our head high”. And it’s always good to reflect on your mistakes each day and feel humble, try and improve.
So here’s the incidence :
Earlier this week I was in GK, M block, Delhi for coffee  with one of my college friends and we just came across one of her friends who’s our age, very young and got married last year and was holding a kid too. So I said, “Hi and I was like haan (yes) you got married  last year and have a kid too. And college over hogaya tha ( did your college get over before marriage) and then within a second I realised that I unintentionally said something wrong and I  added on this line “acha shadi ke baad kar liya hoga continue and complete” ( After your marriage you must have continued and completed it). She didn’t say anything but I just thought over it and felt I was wrong.
So  after she left I thought that she must have felt bad but I was just shocked and asked it. I didn’t mean anything bad.

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