What’s the most important lesson for a startup founder ? 1000 Day Rule – Ankit Jain – Founder & CEO at VoiceTree

Conversation with Ankit Jain on Team and startup building…

Patience and patiently building the team are the two most important things. I have seen a lot of startups who started with me, failed or succeeded now and I keep following them very closely to see what happened so one thing common I have seen and heard about is a 1000 Day Rule.

You have to stick to your idea for at least 1000 days. So all the companies which failed actually gave up before 1000 days. They gave up early. You have to give time to keep fighting, keep looking your way. Simply “Stay hungry.Stay foolish”. You have to do that for one year 2,3 ,4 – 5 years. Success doesn’t come overnight. There’s again one great quote “Years of hard work, patience makes it look like overnight success but there’s no overnight success”.You know it takes years and years to build it. So there were many startups  pivoting the ideas so they started with some idea and it dint workout, they pivoted so pivoted doesn’t mean they failed, it means they were still willing to try what so ever.They were willing to do, to change or try an idea or something so if the primary idea dint work they pivot around but you have to give it a time like 3 years – 4 years and it pays well. It’s not about 1 year. So if someone is looking like one year success story or over night success story then a startup isn’t the place. It demands time but the best part is like I always say to my team “ The more you build the company, the company builds you “. So it eventually has to happen.

Stay tuned to know more about the founder and his startup which had 8 employees in 2013 and now has a team of  80 crazy enthusiasts in the upcoming book on startups (which will include insights to start, build a startup at a national and global level,importance of self development in an entrepreneurs life and lessons from some top startup fundraisers )



3 thoughts on “What’s the most important lesson for a startup founder ? 1000 Day Rule – Ankit Jain – Founder & CEO at VoiceTree

  1. Great Going Ankit from 8 to 80… Every business Idea (product or service) must be planned/designed such that it sustains for at least three years… This is what my teacher told me when I went up to him to discuss a great idea(product) I had. So I had to reconsider my design and start over again so that it solves the problems of three years from now…

    Good work Sahiba, this surely helps startups stay hungry and work on their idea with a zeal toward what they are giving to their customers’.

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