Be pro nature and temple of your existence – from my daily learnings journal

Date – 19.10.2014
Went to a diwali mela tonight and saw some people selling the gol gappas in mud cups, one stall selling hand made bags and a few people not burning crackers being super nature conscious and on the other hand people burning crackers like everything’s totally cool about it,  nothing has happened,  happening and will happen and some girls looking at some things and saying “arrey I have this but yes let’s buy this too just for the colour and baas for the show, you know different” (mad consumerism) so somewhere there’s  complete light and on the other place complete darkness and I agree one single persons change matters and I agree all light was once dark. it’s just a matter of switch on and off. But isn’t it not impossible but too difficult to be totally nature and our temple (body) conscious these days when everything’s adulterated.  After all its an ecosystem we all beings (humans, animals, plants) depend on each other.  It’s a cycle…One can stop burning crakers, throwing garbage, start buying all the new clothes environmental friendly and made in one’s home country, etc the things  one person can do. But if you want pure food…there’s nothing left… think deep.  Nothing pure going into the temple of our existence.  What a sad circle ? Going on since ages… we have just been following the west in case of food, plastic, fashion , industrialisation, etc….
Btw even San Francisco banned the use of plastic bottles recently…We are India not America or Britain…. what suits their population doesn’t go with us…..try and think….last month Kashmir, Phillipenes and Assam were hit by flood in the same week… everything is going to come again and agin and more often…please wake up and smell the coffee.
The main cause for all this is our mind….when I was small I used to think peer pressure spoils and effects  small kids but I am sad and shocked to see and realize it’s the cause for adults too getting mad and living with synthetic and external happiness. It’s not about age… it’s about the power of mind.

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