Kanika Tekriwal – the warriorpreneur woman

Belief – Right now this word only reminds me of one person and that’s Kanika Tekriwal JetSetGo’s (India’s first online marketplace for private jet and helicopter charter) founder.


Her journey is the perfect example for believing in the power of belief. Since childhood she has been believing in everything she does and has been getting everything exactly the way she thinks.
Her superb positivity and belief even at the time of challenges makes me feel wow just wow.
Even after a challenging day at work, before going to sleep she thinks of being a part of the Forbes Magazine as one of the worlds most powerful women not because she wants fame but because it’s a challenging journey and wants to win over the challenges.
She says “It’s very important to believe because if you don’t believe in yourself you don’t do anything….You gotta have some milestones set and then work towards them… Set your goals and then work backwards to achieve them….if you don’t believe in your goals they aren’t going to come to you.. definitely it won’t yaar it doesn’t work like that….it’s very important. My favorite quote is “ADVERSITY CAUSES SOME MEN TO BREAK AND OTHERS TO BREAK RECORDS”….I really love it…
And it makes a lot of sense…you can choose adversity so much to your favour as much as you want to”.

Stay tuned to know her whole story which made her believe in the power of belief (the creator of everything) in the upcoming book….

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