#What is enlightenment ? # Being HIGH on life and attracting everything you think#

Being positive in a negative situation is a sign of wisdom and  character ( it’s true enlightenment). Enlightenment is when there’s sun and you don’t cribb and want it to go away, its when there’s cold and you don’t cribb and want the sun. It’s when you just don’t think about it that way, you’re cool with all the climates. You don’t focus on what’s not there. You focus and enjoy what’s there.
It’s when there’s traffic and you don’t feel it.
It’s when you love all foods made in whatever way.
It’s when you’re not fussy about anything.
It’s when you smile and laugh at every situation.
It’s when you’re high on life.
It’s when you feel others minds rather than seeing their faces and bodies.
It’s when you love each and every thing and being.
It’s when you enjoy and are equally comfortable in having a  simple kiosk tea, it’s when you have no ego, no word called “uncomfortable” in your dictionary.
When you feel you’re happy every time, you don’t cribb, your mind doesn’t know the word uncomfortable or inconvenience you are enlightened.  When you feel you’re unbelievably happy and always look at the small lighted single dot on a dark sheet you’re enlightened.
Then life is a joy, a bliss, a magic…
Pass on this contagious joy and bliss and help the world in being truly happy. Then we will have less of shopping freaks and more of nature lovers, less of tv lovers and more of conversationalists, etc.
Then we will have people getting normal cakes made for birthdays rather than the new trash style I have been watching. The trash, external happiness cakes having pictures of bags, cars, phones on them. I wonder how one feels like cutting them with joy… don’t they look synthetic ? and something very cold not warm and loving  ?




Hi guys. I am sharing a small incident where I think I unintentionally made someone feel bad.
And it happens with us most of the times that WE SOUND BAD TO PEOPLE BUT WE DONT MEAN  BAD TO PEOPLE.  WE ARE ONLY SOUNDING BAD.
The worse part is that they are going to keep happening all our lives as while doing them our mind is pure. Mind feels it’s right and good.
Unintentional things are going to carry on until death. Because while saying, doing them we don’t mean anything bad. Unfortunately in unintentional cases our mind doesn’t think..It just says and does.
But everything has a positive side “It’s going to happen and keep us rooted. Mistakes always keep our foot on ground while karma keeps our head high”. And it’s always good to reflect on your mistakes each day and feel humble, try and improve.
So here’s the incidence :
Earlier this week I was in GK, M block, Delhi for coffee  with one of my college friends and we just came across one of her friends who’s our age, very young and got married last year and was holding a kid too. So I said, “Hi and I was like haan (yes) you got married  last year and have a kid too. And college over hogaya tha ( did your college get over before marriage) and then within a second I realised that I unintentionally said something wrong and I  added on this line “acha shadi ke baad kar liya hoga continue and complete” ( After your marriage you must have continued and completed it). She didn’t say anything but I just thought over it and felt I was wrong.
So  after she left I thought that she must have felt bad but I was just shocked and asked it. I didn’t mean anything bad.

Keep doing work don’t think about the followers, likes and results – A message from Kangra Devi Temple, India

One of my friends Tanmay Kumar, the founder of BumbleeBee went for a trip earlier this week and today morning he messaged me saying –
“We went to Kangra Devi temple yesterday.The temple read a line…काम पहले, पूजा बाद मे ( kaam pehle, pooja baad mein). God helps those who help themselves.”



Broad mindedness means being PRO LOVE towards the whole universe

I believe “Broad minded” means doing what you believe in but listening and respecting everyone’s views without any ego about looking right in their eyes. It means being a human chauvinist and not a male or female chauvinist, being universe chauvinist rather than being a specific country or religion chauvinist, being open towards trying everything, uplifting everyone and never ever getting in the cobweb of tit for tat attitude, understanding that when someone’s different it’s because of what they have been thinking, seeing and doing and simply being unaware about what you know and then at the same time understanding you’re also ridiculous for them as you are unaware about their part…

Broad minded simply means being PRO LOVE.

What’s the most important lesson for a startup founder ? 1000 Day Rule – Ankit Jain – Founder & CEO at VoiceTree

Conversation with Ankit Jain on Team and startup building…

Patience and patiently building the team are the two most important things. I have seen a lot of startups who started with me, failed or succeeded now and I keep following them very closely to see what happened so one thing common I have seen and heard about is a 1000 Day Rule.

You have to stick to your idea for at least 1000 days. So all the companies which failed actually gave up before 1000 days. They gave up early. You have to give time to keep fighting, keep looking your way. Simply “Stay hungry.Stay foolish”. You have to do that for one year 2,3 ,4 – 5 years. Success doesn’t come overnight. There’s again one great quote “Years of hard work, patience makes it look like overnight success but there’s no overnight success”.You know it takes years and years to build it. So there were many startups  pivoting the ideas so they started with some idea and it dint workout, they pivoted so pivoted doesn’t mean they failed, it means they were still willing to try what so ever.They were willing to do, to change or try an idea or something so if the primary idea dint work they pivot around but you have to give it a time like 3 years – 4 years and it pays well. It’s not about 1 year. So if someone is looking like one year success story or over night success story then a startup isn’t the place. It demands time but the best part is like I always say to my team “ The more you build the company, the company builds you “. So it eventually has to happen.

Stay tuned to know more about the founder and his startup which had 8 employees in 2013 and now has a team of  80 crazy enthusiasts in the upcoming book on startups (which will include insights to start, build a startup at a national and global level,importance of self development in an entrepreneurs life and lessons from some top startup fundraisers )


“Gratitude and Appreciation uplifts your soul” – Real life experience with the IndiGo Airlines.

Just saw this mail from Indigo Airlines. This is from the 1st of September last month when I traveled to Kashmir just 6 days before the devastating floods.

Happy to see them happy and their workers happy because of my generous feedback and appreciation for the lovely employees on board. This is the reason why I love to take out time and compliment people and uplift them. I specially wrote down their names because I wanted them to know how lovely they are. If someone speaks to you kindly and acts kindly never ever miss the opportunity to appreciate their efforts and uplift them by motivating them..Remember giving an ”A” star to people even before they become an “A” star is a very important leadership quality. Appreciate people, believe in them and think high about them and they will act well to make you feel good and you’ll see awesome results..
I remember a wonderful saying “Gratitude and Appreciation uplifts your soul”. Here’s the mail

Dear Sahiba Sethi,

Thank you for your vote of confidence.

It was pleasure to have you on board for flight 6E 555,Delhi to Srinagar on 01/09/2014 .

We truly appreciate the fact that you took time to share your feedback and we are glad to note that you are happy with our services.

Your generous compliments for Lead & all member of crew will be shared with the respective department and it will not only motivate but will also serve as a source of inspiration for all of us at IndiGo.

We deeply value your association with us and our effort is to bring to you the very best of IndiGo every time.

Once again, thank you for sharing your valuable feedback and we look forward to serving you on board soon again!


Be pro nature and temple of your existence – from my daily learnings journal

Date – 19.10.2014
Went to a diwali mela tonight and saw some people selling the gol gappas in mud cups, one stall selling hand made bags and a few people not burning crackers being super nature conscious and on the other hand people burning crackers like everything’s totally cool about it,  nothing has happened,  happening and will happen and some girls looking at some things and saying “arrey I have this but yes let’s buy this too just for the colour and baas for the show, you know different” (mad consumerism) so somewhere there’s  complete light and on the other place complete darkness and I agree one single persons change matters and I agree all light was once dark. it’s just a matter of switch on and off. But isn’t it not impossible but too difficult to be totally nature and our temple (body) conscious these days when everything’s adulterated.  After all its an ecosystem we all beings (humans, animals, plants) depend on each other.  It’s a cycle…One can stop burning crakers, throwing garbage, start buying all the new clothes environmental friendly and made in one’s home country, etc the things  one person can do. But if you want pure food…there’s nothing left… think deep.  Nothing pure going into the temple of our existence.  What a sad circle ? Going on since ages… we have just been following the west in case of food, plastic, fashion , industrialisation, etc….
Btw even San Francisco banned the use of plastic bottles recently…We are India not America or Britain…. what suits their population doesn’t go with us…..try and think….last month Kashmir, Phillipenes and Assam were hit by flood in the same week… everything is going to come again and agin and more often…please wake up and smell the coffee.
The main cause for all this is our mind….when I was small I used to think peer pressure spoils and effects  small kids but I am sad and shocked to see and realize it’s the cause for adults too getting mad and living with synthetic and external happiness. It’s not about age… it’s about the power of mind.

Kanika Tekriwal – the warriorpreneur woman

Belief – Right now this word only reminds me of one person and that’s Kanika Tekriwal JetSetGo’s (India’s first online marketplace for private jet and helicopter charter) founder.


Her journey is the perfect example for believing in the power of belief. Since childhood she has been believing in everything she does and has been getting everything exactly the way she thinks.
Her superb positivity and belief even at the time of challenges makes me feel wow just wow.
Even after a challenging day at work, before going to sleep she thinks of being a part of the Forbes Magazine as one of the worlds most powerful women not because she wants fame but because it’s a challenging journey and wants to win over the challenges.
She says “It’s very important to believe because if you don’t believe in yourself you don’t do anything….You gotta have some milestones set and then work towards them… Set your goals and then work backwards to achieve them….if you don’t believe in your goals they aren’t going to come to you.. definitely it won’t yaar it doesn’t work like that….it’s very important. My favorite quote is “ADVERSITY CAUSES SOME MEN TO BREAK AND OTHERS TO BREAK RECORDS”….I really love it…
And it makes a lot of sense…you can choose adversity so much to your favour as much as you want to”.

Stay tuned to know her whole story which made her believe in the power of belief (the creator of everything) in the upcoming book….

Fun is long term and ever lasting love – Voicetree grows from a team of 8-80 in one year.

Fun is long term and ever lasting love…Do you ask this to your employees everyday at work “mazza araha hai” ( are you having fun) ?
Please do… got this insight from Ankit Jain (founder of Voice tree) over a cup of coffee at Costa Coffee, Citywalk, Delhi. He asks this question to his employees everyday.
His cloud telephony startup has grown from 8 employees last year (2014) to 80 today ( in 2014 without the help of VC’s)… why ? because he makes sure his workers are having fun and their “why” is clear.

Stay tuned for more insights…